DAOSquare received a total of 1,525 donations from community members in Gitcoin Grants Round 9, placing it 1st in the East Asia Grants and 2nd in the Community Grants in GR9!

Thanks for your continued support!

In appreciation of the power the community brings, and to spread the spirit of DAO more widely, DAOSquare will use the GR9 grants to launch the DAOSquare OVO Grants fund to support organizations and individuals around the world who are furthering the development of the Ethereum ecosystem.

We will launch the grants.daosquare.io and release the application process shortly. Please stay tuned!

Born in the well-known West Ethereum community MetaCartel, DAOSquare is dedicated to building a Web3 incubator which aims to be the Y·Combinator in the Web3 era.


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