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MetaMask has been upgraded

When I first met MetaMask early last year, I confirmed one fact about blockchain: "Blockchain is still In the early stages"...  I remember the moment I opened MetaMask and I was suddenly reminded of my Mac OS 9.2 back in the day.

But to be honest, the unforgetable Mac OS 9.2 , never crashed, and I never reinstalled the system. Back to the topic at hand, last week, MetaMask did an upgrade, and well...  It's not a step towards Mac OS X yet, but it's certainly a lot more comforting, for example.

  • Easier presentation of assets
  • Connected Wallet adds account options

As for the UI, I'm actually starting to miss Mac OS 9.2 now. So I'm with you, MetaMask.

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Dependence on the value of protocol tokens

On July 17, a guy named scott lewis posted his sentiments.

every protocol token has two valuations.

1) valuation based on Economic Value Accrual

2) valuation based on Meme Value Accrual

don't short an asset based on EVA, when the market is trading it based on MVA.

𝕯𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖗 replied:

Imagine the MVA potential of a Tesla + Chainlink partnership.

mubaris.eth replied:

What the hell does that steak mean?

What the hell does that steak mean?

On July 15, Anthony Sassano said.

I can't wait to 🥩 my ETH.

I have no clue about the meaning of "steak", but thanks to Alexander, I have a clue now.

Nodar.DeFi.eth added.

Came in a farmer, came out a butcher.

Is it necessarily related to Yield Farming? More confused. And finally DASHUO gave me the exact answer.

Steak = Stake = ETH 2.0 of Staking

I feel dumb😂

No wonder Anthony Sassano is so desperate to "steak" his ETH,  go butchers!

Must Read

Recently, a book titled "The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto-hackers Is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum" is spreading in the encrypted world. The book's author, Camila Russo, is Chiefess at DefiantNews , as well as being a judge and guest at many Ethereum events, with a lot of power. Plus with a super enticing title, this book is a must read!

Amazon Link: The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto-hackers Is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum (9780062886149): Russo, Camila: Books The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto-hackers Is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum (9780062886149): Russo, Camila: Books


DAO and Climate Change

On July 19, pet3rpan presented an idea.

How can DAOs be used to address climate change?

Many have given advice, among them, Ameen's thought-provoking call to action.

Anyone have thoughts about contributing to sustainable humanity or are we all just yield-crazy #DeFi farmers now?

MakerDAO Governance Audit

On July 19, James Duncan introduced his just-completed MakerDAO Governance Audit Report. If you're just looking at it as an audit report, you're missing out on a rich mine. James Duncan told us that this report is an excellent read for understanding the MakerDAO governance system. What are you waiting for, people in the same DAO? Click👇

MakerDAO Governance Audit Report
MakerDAO Governance Audit Abridged spent significant time interviewing multiple parties to pull together this report on the systems involved in the MakerDAO governance process today. At the end we highlight a few solutions that may be implemented to reduce the frictions involved by creating more acc…

KyberDAO Proposal BRR-1 is live

On July 14, KyberDAO announced the birth of its first proposal.

Epoch 1 has begun and the first KyberDAO Proposal BRR-1 to decide the @KyberNetwork fee allocation is live. Over US$80m in KNC staked so far! KNC holders who staked in Epoch 0 can vote in Epoch 1 and claim ETH rewards in Epoch 2.


Vote on the first KyberDAO Proposal: BRR-1
Epoch 1 has begun and the first KyberDAO Proposal is LIVE on! This is the first time KNC holders can cast an on-chain vote on protocol decisions via the KyberDAO. Since our Katalyst launch…

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NFT Mortgages

On July 14, NFT mortgage platform released their latest results.

Can't believe we've reached 200 ETH in loans already! Thanks so much to all our beta users for diving in and flooding us with amazing feedback. You guys rock!


A simple 2-sided marketplace for NFT collateralized loans

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